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Best CoolSculpting Results Near Largo

CoolSculpting has been continuously praised for the past few years, but does this non-surgical fat reduction treatment live up to the hype?

Here’s the skinny on the best CoolSculpting results near Largo, Maryland!

What Results Should I Expect After CoolSculpting?

Having realistic expectations when approaching any aesthetic procedure, CoolSculpting or otherwise, is crucial. Is fat reduction up to 25% possible or is it merely a claim that doesn’t pay off?

CoolSculpting is as effective as you’re being promised, capable of resulting in up to 20% to 25% fat reduction in the treatment area. The process used in CoolSculpting, cryolipolysis, destroys fat cells by freezing them.

However, CoolSculpting results vary patient to patient, with a majority noticing significant improvement and visible fat reduction. CoolSculpting is somewhat limited in the areas it can treat, yielding the best results in abdomen, back / bra fat, chin, flanks, thighs, and upper arms.

When Can I Expect to See Results?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. Unfortunately, CoolSculpting often needs multiple treatment sessions to achieve optimal results and does require a bit of patience on your behalf.

Final results are seen within four to six months, the ideal time for the frozen, damaged fat cells to be completely processed and eliminated by your body. You should expect major improvement in just eight to 12 weeks.

One of the best benefits? Results are long lasting and even permanent when maintained! Follow a healthy lifestyle, consume a nutritious diet, and stay hydrated to keep remaining fat cells in the treatment area from expanding.

Choose Visage to Get the Best CoolSculpting Results Near Largo, Maryland!

For the best CoolSculpting results near Largo, Maryland personalized to your aesthetic goals, choose Visage Dermatology! We’re here to help you both feel and look your very best with treatments like CoolSculpting and more!

Contact us at 301-358-3304 to schedule your consultation and learn more about CoolSculpting today!

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