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Razor Bump Treatments

Washington DC Razor Bump Treatment

Stop Shaving—Get Laser Hair Removal Today!

Razor bumps can affect both men and women, though it is more likely for a man to encounter this problem. The technical term for razor bumps is pseudofolliculitis barbae. The condition occurs when hair that has been plucked, waxed, or shaved curls back into the skin. When this happens, the body views the hair as a foreign body. As a result, inflammation occurs, and the skin becomes bumpy and red. The brown spots or red spots made by razor bumps can linger for months. The actual act of shaving is the cause of razor bumps. In some cases, scarring, even keloid formation, is a risk.

Fortunately, there are solutions. Visage Dermatology and Aesthetic Center offers safe, effective treatments for razor bump issues in Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. Additionally, our board-certified dermatologists are experts when it comes to different skin colors and pigments.

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Razor Bump Treatment and Laser Hair Removal in Washington DC

When it is difficult to avoid razor bumps or shaving has become too tedious, we offer laser hair removal. Removing the hair permanently eliminates razor bumps by preventing the hair from growing back. In addition, patients can bid farewell to razors and shaving cream—no more nicks or bleeding.

We have various laser devices that can reduce hair in a specific area or remove it completely—for ALL skin tones and skin types—light, dark, and in between. Some razor bumps can lead to keloid scars. Our innovative technology can treat scars as well. We typically recommend six to eight treatment sessions, spaced several weeks apart. We ensure treatment sessions are as comfortable as possible. There is no downtime after a session, allowing patients to return to work or resume normal activities immediately. We will provide post-care instructions to ensure optimal results.

How Laser Hair Removal Can Solve the Problem of Razor Bumps

Laser hair removal uses thermal energy to destroy hair that is in the follicles at the time of treatment. The light from our laser device is absorbed into the pigment of the hair. This energy transforms into heat, which affects the walls of the hair follicle, as well. Shortly after the first treatment, hair in the follicle will fall out. Because dormant hair remains beneath the skin, a series of treatments is needed to achieve lasting change. Most people achieve the desired results in six to twelve appointments, scheduled weeks apart.

Because razor bumps are the direct result of the common methods of hair removal, laser treatment is a logical remedy for this frustrating problem. In addition to alleviating discomfort and cosmetic concerns, laser hair removal eliminates the constant task of shaving.

How to Avoid Razor Bump Problems

Wondering how you can avoid razor bumps?As your trusted dermatologists in Washington DC, we also want to impart with you some knowledge to help minimize the possibility of razor bumps.

Consider the following tips when shaving:

  • Moisten the skin with water. Use a mild soap or a thick shaving gel before shaving.
  • Shave in the direction the hair is growing
  • Use the fewest razor strokes possible and use the lowest number of blades as possible (1 or 2 vs 3 or 4)
  • After shaving, use a moisturizing cream

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Solutions for Razor Bumps in Washington DC

Visage Dermatology and Aesthetic Center Can Help You

Shaving can lead to lumps on the skin called razor bumps. Irritation, pimples, and scarring may result from this condition. Men and women who experience razor bumps are often looking for solutions. The team at Visage Dermatology and Aesthetic Center is happy to explain how to avoid razor bumps and treatments available if they do appear.

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Avoiding Razor Bumps

Our highly respected board-certified dermatologist, Dr. St. Surin-Lord, and our team take the time to educate patients in our Largo office.

We recommend the following tips:

  • Always shave using mild soap or shaving gel/cream.
  • Do not shave against the direction of hair growth.
  • Make sure to lessen the number of strokes when shaving.
  • Shave with the lowest number of blades.
  • Always moisturize your skin after shaving.

Our Razor Bump Treatments in Washington DC

Whether you simply want to avoid razor bumps or shaving is fast becoming a tedious task, reach out to Visage Dermatology and Aesthetic Center and ask about our laser hair removal. Using safe, effective laser treatment, we can get rid of razor bumps for good while also preventing hair from growing back. You can finally say goodbye to razors and shaving cream as well as nicks and bleeding.

Our modern practice uses a wide range of laser devices to permanently remove unwanted hairs regardless of the skin tone or skin type. Additionally, we can treat keloid scars that were the result of razor bumps. Rest assured our treatment sessions are safe and comfortable. You can even go back to work or resume to your normal routine as soon as you walk out of our office. For optimal results, we always provide each patient with a thorough post-care instructions.

Achieving Smoother Skin

If you want to attain smoother skin that is free of razor bumps, we recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. St. Surin-Lord. She will examine your skin, review your medical history, and ask about your goals. If you are a candidate for laser hair removal in Washington DC, she will tailor a treatment plan to meet your individual needs.

The team at Visage Dermatology and Aesthetic Center is committed to helping you look and feel great. We offer a variety of treatments to both men and women to improve the appearance and restore confidence.

The team at Visage Dermatology and Aesthetic Center offers solutions for razor bumps such as laser hair removal to help patients attain smoother skin. Call us today to book a consultation!