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The Best Self-Care For YOUR Hair Where dry, damaged, and dead hair meets life and luster and live happily ever after.

A dermatologist-developed haircare brand that treats hair with love.

Our Purpose & Mission

Thicker, fuller hair and a healthier scalp are possible.

At DermHairDoc, we combine the best of dermatology, styling, and nature to create high-performing, clean, at-home hair care products, so you can enjoy clinically proven, effective results as you get from in-office hair treatments.

Our Vision

We aspire to make salon-grade, clinic-quality results accessible for everyone so you can learn to love and manage your natural hair. As a Dermatologst-Developed Hair Care Line, we understand that the scalp is also skin and that healthy hair can only emerge from a healthy scalp. That is why all of our products are formulated to restore and repair your scalp barrier and maintain a health scalp microbiome.

You and your specific hair care needs are why we will continue designing new product lines that target a wide range of hair problems for men and women. As we grow, we aim to become a brand that you will love, trust and choose for your hair, every time.

Our Story

Self-Care for YOUR Hair Starts Here.

Genetics. Stress. Scalp issues. Hormonal changes. Medical conditions. Medications.

So many factors go behind hair problems, scalp issues, and hair loss. And when it comes to the treatment, Your dermatologist knows the best.

DermHairDoc is a dermatologist-developed haircare brand.

Fall In Love With Your Hair

Our products are for every hair type, every hair texture & for every scalp that need TLC.
  • Inspired by Real People

    We help people re-grow hair and restore scalp health by providing comprehensive, custom care. This inspired us to create products that provide lasting results for everyone.

  • Created for Real Problems

    Hair thinning, hair loss, chemical damage, dandruff, breakage- you name it, we have treated it. Our products will target real hair and scalp problems that rob your hair of its luster, bounce, and elasticity.

  • Provide Real Results

    Be amazed to see what years of dermatological experience, the magic of natural ingredients, and the power of science and research can do to make your hair problems go away!

Behind the Brand

  • 20 Years of Research Experience
  • 15+ Years of Experience in Dermatology, Treating Hair and Scalp Conditions
  • An Expert Product Development Team with over 45 years of Cumulative Experience in Hair Care
  • 4 Years of Lab Work Formulating & Perfecting our Products

Dr. Sharleen St. Surin-Lord

Dr. Sharleen St. Surin-Lord is a board-certified dermatologist with over 15 years of experience treating patients with hair problems. While in her private practice at Visage Dermatology, Dr. St Surin treated an enormous amount of various types of alopecia, especially in patients of color.

After treating her patients and their hair began to grow, they had many hair care questions. Dr. Sharleen, as they call her would recommend products with essential ingredients to protect this newly-grown hair. With her Clinical Laboratory Science degree from Howard University and her experience as an Associate Scientist at Merck, Dr. Sharleen investigated the ingredients on most popularly used haircare products.

To her surprise, hair care lines featured products full of harmful, hormone de-stabilizing ingredients. These hormone disruptors even produce excess estrogen in the body. As the Mom of children with textured hair, she was hurt that these harmful toxins and ingredients (phthalates, parabens, some silicones) were allowed in hair care products, and at astronomical levels in products marketed to women of color. She turned this hurt and helplessness into action.

This discovery shocked her and defined the change in her career.

  • She couldn’t recommend these products to her patients.
  • She couldn’t purchase these products for her daughter.

And this is when she started researching ingredients that deliver clinically proven results without compromising the health and safety of the person. This is what started DermHairDoc.

She packed her years and years of hands-on experience in the products. Her goal was to create products that gave the same salon-like results without using any harmful ingredients.

4 Years and countless attempts later… a 100% safe, high-performing DermHairDoc hair care line is ready to make your hair healthy and gorgeous, and your life easier and happier.

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Build a Routine That Includes Products Created by the Experts for You

When choosing the right products for your hair, you can count on DermHairDoc to do everything from the basic care of your hair to thorough transformation of your scalp and hair health.

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