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Hair Loss Doctor in Largo Maryland

Have you noticed your hair part widening? More hair in your brush every day? Your hair not looking as full as it used to? Then you may be experiencing female pattern hair loss.

What is it? How do you stop it? Is it possible to regrow your luscious locks? Here’s what the top hair loss doctor in Largo, Maryland wants you to know!

What Is Female Pattern Hair Loss?

Female pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) is the most common cause of hair loss in women. It is typically characterized by your hair part widening due to your scalp hairs becoming increasingly less dense. Hair thinning can also occur, but not all women with female pattern hair loss (FPHL) experience overall thinning.

FPHL is genetic, meaning you inherit the genes from one or both parents. For example, if your mother has androgenetic alopecia, you have a higher chance of developing it as well. It is most common after menopause due to hormonal changes.

How Is Female Pattern Hair Loss Treated?

Thankfully, female pattern hair loss can absolutely be treated and managed, despite it being a progressive condition. There are many ways you can combat your androgenetic alopecia, especially with the help of a hair loss doctor, namely a dermatologist.

Certain medications, hair loss shampoos and treatments, supplements, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy are just a few of the treatments your doctor may offer to help you with hair loss. These treatments not only prevent your androgenetic alopecia from worsening but can even promote new hair growth.

Struggling With Hair Loss? The #1 Hair Loss Doctor in Largo, Maryland Is Here to Help!

Female pattern hair loss doesn’t have to dictate your life. With our treatments at Visage Dermatology including PRP, we’ll help you break the chains of hair loss and achieve the hair of your dreams. Book your consultation with the best hair loss doctor in Largo, Maryland today by calling 301-358-3304!

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