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Are Good Lifestyle, Healthy Eating & Exercise Enough?

We hear it far too often: To lose weight and get in shape, you simply have to put in the work. The unfortunate truth is that, for many people, those last few pounds are going to stick around no matter how many donuts they turn down or how many squats they do in a day.

This is because weight is affected by a number of factors such as:

  • Lifestyle – Patients who visit our Largo, MD office are busy. Daily gym time may seem like a pipedream, but they make the effort to move by taking the long route or taking the stairs when they can.
  • Stress – The varying levels of stress all have an effect on health and wellness. Research has proven that stress instigates emotional eating. Stress also leads to fatigue, which causes a lack of drive in terms of exercise and wellness habits.
  • Health conditions – The body requires balance in order to perform as it should. When hormones are imbalanced, the thyroid doesn’t function properly, or there is an underlying medical condition at play. Fat metabolism may be more of a challenge, making fat loss more difficult.

The issues that cause unwanted fat to linger don’t have to stand in your way of loving your reflection! Visage Dermatology and Aesthetic Center is the leader when it comes weight and fat loss in Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. We combine modern technology and personal touch to make sure our patients not only look good but also feel better.

Contact us today to see how CoolSculpting can complement your weight loss efforts.

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