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Top Eczema Specialist in Maryland

Also known as atopic dermatitis, eczema is a chronic skin condition caused by inflammation. It’s a prevalent condition, affecting around 10% of the global population, with children being the most commonly affected.

If you have this condition, do you know when to see the top eczema specialist in Maryland?

Here are the signs you need to see a healthcare professional for atopic dermatitis, plus what type of provider you should see, your treatment options, and more!

What Type of Doctor Is the Top Eczema Specialist in Maryland?

When it comes to eczema, dermatologists are the go-to experts. These specialists possess the skills and knowledge needed to diagnose and treat eczema effectively, making them the best choice for managing this skin condition.

Dermatologists undergo extensive training to handle various skin issues, including eczema. They know how to develop personalized treatment plans for your specific symptoms, considering factors like your lifestyle, environment, and medical history. With their expertise, symptoms are reduced and flare-ups can be prevented through long-term management.

What Other Specialists Should Be on Your Eczema Care Team?

While your dermatologist plays a central role in managing your condition, other healthcare professionals can also contribute to your care team.

Your primary care physician can address and manage underlying medical conditions that might affect your eczema. An allergist can assess whether allergies exacerbate your eczema symptoms, offering insights into potential triggers. Additionally, a mental healthcare professional can assist in coping with the emotional challenges associated with eczema.

When to Seek Medical Attention for Eczema

It’s essential to see a doctor for eczema if:

  • Your symptoms worsen or don’t improve with self-care measures
  • You experience severe itching, pain, or discomfort
  • Your skin becomes infected or leads to complications (signs include a red streak that spreads and pus)
  • You have bleeding and/or yellow scabs in the affected area
  • You have eczema in sensitive areas like the face, eyelids, or genitals
  • You’re struggling with the emotional aspect of living with eczema

Living with eczema presents challenges, but with the right care team and treatment plan, you can effectively manage your symptoms for an improved quality of life.

What Triggers Eczema?

The cause of eczema is unknown, though it is likely a combination of factors including genetic and environmental. People with eczema are often more susceptible to allergens and irritants because of a compromised skin barrier.

Common triggers for eczema include dry skin, irritants like soaps and detergents, allergens such as pollen and dust mites, stress, hormonal changes, and cold, dry weather.

What Are My Treatment Options for Eczema?

The goal is to decrease discomfort, such as itching, reduce inflammation, and prevent skin infections. Your dermatologist may recommend various approaches, including:

  • Moisturizers to hydrate skin and repair skin barrier
  • Topical corticosteroids to reduce inflammation and itching
  • Antihistamines to manage allergic responses and improve sleep quality
  • Phototherapy, or light therapy, to reduce inflammation and itching through UV exposure
  • Immunosuppressants for severe cases
  • Wet wraps combined with topical steroids

Lifestyle changes, such as moisturizing regularly, avoiding triggers, taking short baths or showers with lukewarm water, and/or managing stress, can complement medical treatments.

Additionally, running a humidifier, covering sores with bandages, and wearing breathable, soft clothing may help.

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