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To help reduce your risk of complications, infection, or ineffective treatment, follow these same-day Botox aftercare tips. You want to be sure to protect your investment in yourself, so it’s essential that you skip certain activities. Here’s what you should not do after cosmetic Botox injections in Largo, Maryland.

Don’t Do Any of the Following After Injections

While there aren’t a whole lot of restrictions and you can likely resume your normal routine after your appointment, you should avoid the following after cosmetic injections:

  • Applying makeup
  • Consuming alcohol
  • Exposing your skin to excessive heat, which includes saunas, hot showers, and hot tubs
  • Getting other facial treatments that aren’t approved by your injectors
  • Lying down on your back
  • Rubbing your face
  • Spending time in the sun or the tanning bed, as UV exposure is a no-no
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Taking blood-thinning and anti-inflammatory medications (but only with permission from your prescribing healthcare professional)
  • Using products with harsh ingredients

This information is just a general list. Your Botox injector will provide you with more specific instructions, including how long you should avoid the “don’ts” listed above. Be sure to follow their guidelines completely in order to achieve optimal results.

Proper Same-Day Botox Aftercare in Largo Maryland

In addition to abstaining from the aforementioned items, be sure to do the following.

  • Apply ice packs to help minimize common side effects such as bruising and swelling.
  • Before you leave, schedule your follow-up appointment. Your injector will likely want to see you about two weeks after your initial session to be sure the Botox isn’t migrating and that your desired results were reached.
  • Drink water to stay hydrated, which helps the healing process.
  • Keep the injection area(s) clean to help prevent infection or irritation.
  • Sleep on your back instead of your sides or stomach to avoid putting pressure on any of the injection sites and to allow the Botox to settle properly.
  • Take non-NSAID pain relievers to reduce discomfort.

Again, it’s important to adhere to the Botox aftercare instructions provided by your injector for the best outcome.

Here’s What Else You Should Know About Getting Botox

Before same-day Botox in Largo, you should make an informed decision during your consultation about whether or not this treatment is right for you. This consultation is done to help you choose the right provider for you, as well as for the injector to get to know you, make sure you’re an ideal candidate, and create a personalized treatment plan based on your aesthetic goals.

You can expect the following steps during this appointment.

First, you’ll provide medical background information, such as your health and surgical history, medications and/or supplements you’re taking, and allergies.

The next step is to talk about your cosmetic concerns and what you hope to accomplish with Botox. Be sure to go into this visit with defined goals you can effectively communicate to your injector.

Then, your provider will perform a physical exam of the area(s) you wish to address in order to develop a personalized treatment plan. They’ll review their recommendations with you, as well as explain the process, cost, risks, side effects, and similar details. You’ll have a chance to ask questions and address any concerns you may have.

The final step before getting injections is for you to sign informed consent paperwork to officially agree to treatment. Now, you’re ready to reverse the aging process quickly, safely, and effectively with Botox!

Beautiful Botox Results Await You at Visage Dermatology and Aesthetic Center

Here at Visage, we can help you achieve your cosmetic goals through Botox and/or other services designed to help you look your absolute best!

Call us today at 301-358-3304 to book your consultation in our state-of-the-art Largo office. Be sure to ask about our membership program for exclusive perks!

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