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microneedling costs

By now, you have undeniably heard of microneedling and all of the amazing ways it can rejuvenate your skin. Something that great must have a catch – surely it has to be expensive, right? Keep reading to learn more about microneedling costs in Oxon Hill, Maryland, including whether they’re worth it!

What Is Microneedling, and How Does It Work to Achieve Flawless Skin?

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a non-surgical procedure that uses tiny needles to carefully puncture your skin. This process creates channels along the skin and stimulates your body’s natural healing response, boosting collagen and elastin production.

This minimally invasive process is incredibly beneficial for virtually all skin concerns, including the following:

  • The appearance of large pores
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Scars of all types, including acne and surgical scars
  • Skin laxity
  • Stretch marks
  • Rough or uneven skin texture
  • Uneven skin tone

Treatments are quick, easy, and suitable for all skin tones, even medium to dark. It is most commonly performed on the face, hands, neck, and chest, but it can be performed anywhere on the body.

What Affects Microneedling Costs in Oxon Hill, Maryland? Is It Expensive?

A single microneedling session can cost anywhere from $200 to $700. It varies so greatly because the cost depends on many factors, such as the number of sessions you need to achieve ideal results. Three to six sessions are recommended for most people for maximum effect. Because you need multiple sessions to get the best results, you should ask your provider to give you an estimate of the total price for all sessions.

There are other details that can affect the total price of your microneedling treatments. The experience and location of your provider, as well as whether or not you pay for your initial consultation, affect the total you pay.

The size of the treatment area is another factor. Typically, the larger the area, the more you can expect to pay.

You may want to consider future expenses after your full series of treatments is completed. Future maintenance may be necessary to keep up with your new look. For instance, fine lines will reappear as part of the aging process, so you may need to repeat a series of sessions at a later time.

Finally, if you have add-ons to your procedure like platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), radiofrequency (RF) energy, or topical serums, you can expect to pay more. For example, including PRP in your session can cost over $700 for each visit.

Microneedling is not covered by insurance, so your expenses will be out of pocket. In order to most accurately determine your unique cost, you should have a consultation with a board-certified medical professional who specializes in this treatment. From there, you can go over things like financing and exclusive discounts.

To Benefit the Most From Microneedling, You Should Be an Ideal Candidate

The best candidates for microneedling are healthy adults with realistic expectations and willing to commit to a full series of treatments. As always, it’s best to speak with a professional before pursuing any cosmetic procedure.

Microneedling is not recommended for people with rosacea, eczema, or an active acne flare. If you are taking any type of blood-thinning medication, it might be best to try an alternative, as this procedure can and does cause pinpoint bleeding that is hard to stop if your blood cannot clot.

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