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Best Chemical Peels for Black Skin

There are certain myths surrounding skin rejuvenation treatments for skin of color, especially chemical peels.

This quick guide clears up misconceptions and shares the scoop on the best chemical peels for Black skin!

Skin Conditions Present Differently If You Have Black Skin

It is true that dermatologists often lack training on how to treat skin of color, due to gaps in research and education. Before you proceed with a peel, choose a dermatologist or other licensed healthcare professional who has gone above and beyond standard medical training.

Best Chemical Peels for Black Skin: Here’s What to Choose

These treatments involve the application of a specialized chemical solution that causes controlled damage to skin. But, are all chemical peels safe for dark complexions? Which ones are best?

Superficial peels are the most suitable choice for Black skin. Initially, your provider might start with a mild concentration of glycolic or salicylic acid to assess your skin’s sensitivity. Research indicates the safety and efficacy of these acids alongside retinol yielding optimal outcomes with minimal skin complications.

Medium peels are applicable in certain situations particularly for individuals with lighter brown skin tones. Similar to superficial peels, your provider may begin with a lower concentration and gradually escalate potency in subsequent sessions.

Deep peels are not recommended for individuals Black skin. They cause the most skin damage and carry an elevated risk of scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Prior to undergoing the best chemical peels for Black skin, it’s vital to schedule a consultation with a reputable provider to ensure your safety and communicate any concerns you may have.

Your Safety and Skin Health are Priorities at Visage Dermatology!

Our team has years of experience treating patients of all skin tones. If you are ready to experience sensational chemical peel results, call us now at 301-358-3304 to book your appointment, during which you can ask about our specials!

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