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Looking your best has never been easier. Our Washington DC Laser and CoolSculpting specialists at Visage Dermatology and Aesthetic Center offer a variety of ways to look your best to feel your best and be the best YOU possible. Recapture that youthful look, your swagger, and your confidence. Some of the most effective cosmetic treatments available today involve laser technology. Our lasers remove hair, veins, dark spots, tighten pores, and even treat nail fungus.

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Laser Services. Luxurious Setting

  • Laser hair removal — An increasing number of women and men have discovered the benefits of laser hair removal. In this procedure, highly-focused laser beams effectively eliminate hair in the desired areas, thus halting hair growth.
  • Complexion clearing — Laser therapy treatments can combat acne and signs of aging, leaving you with a clear complexion. Complexion clearing breaks apart pigment causing discoloration, shrinks enlarged pores, reduces oil production, and erases signs of age and sun damage by prompting growth and repair in the cells below the surface of your skin (the dermis).
  • Pore and skin tightening — Laser Genesis targets pores and stimulates collagen development, tightening and firming the skin for a youthful and glowing appearance. Essentially, laser therapy urges the body to do what it does best — renew your skin’s youth and elasticity in a safe, natural way.
  • Redness reduction — Laser Genesis can be used to even out abnormalities and inconsistencies in the pigmentation by targeting small blood vessels. You don't need to keep hiding facial rednesss: you can heal and repair it from the inside out.
  • Keloid scar treatment — Surface scars, including acne scarring, can be effectively treated with laser technology. Without damaging your skin, laser therapy stimulates your skin to speed up the collagen production process, encouraging the body’s natural healing process.
  • Toenail fungus — Because of the high level of precision made possible by laser therapy, our dermatologist is able to target, heat, and eliminate dangerous fungi while protecting healthy foot tissue. This treatment is an effective long-term way to deal with toenail fungus.

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When you walk out of our doors, we want you to feel better about yourself from the inside out. Request a laser skin treatment consultation at our Washington DC office today: Simply call Visage Dermatology and Aesthetic Center to speak with a member of our warm and friendly support staff. We service Prince George’s County and surrounding areas including, Southern Maryland, Montgomery County, Baltimore, Arlington, and Alexandria.

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