Botox and Dermal Fillers Washington DC

undefinedBotox and dermal fillers are becoming more and more popular among both men and women of various ages. These quick, safe, and effective procedures are performed in just a few minutes through injection and don’t require any downtime for recovery afterwards, making them one of the most convenient ways to reduce those common, unwanted signs of aging we all face as we get older. Lines, creases, and wrinkles can occur due to a number of reasons such as repetitive facial muscle movements or loss of fat and collagen in the skin. It is important to figure out what is causing the lines and creases to accurately combat the signs of aging.

Botox is used to combat lines causes by repetitive facial muscle movements, while dermal fillers are used to fill in areas of the face showing signs of aging due to a loss of volume in the area. If you are interested in learning more about your options for non-surgical facial rejuvenation, contact our office to schedule your consultation today.