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Razor Bumps Washington DC

Razor bumps can affect both men and women, though it is more likely for a man to encounter this problem. The technical term for razor bumps is pseudofolliculitis barbae. The condition occurs when hair that has been plucked, waxed, or shaved curls back into the skin. When this happens, the body views the hair as a foreign body. As a result, inflammation occurs and the skin becomes bumpy and red. The brown spots or red spots made by razor bumps can linger for months. The actual act of shaving is the cause of razor bumps. In some cases, scarring, even keloid formation, is a risk. Fortunately, there are solutions.

Help for razor bumps

At Visage Dermatology and Aesthetic Center, there is a focus on the unique needs of male skin. Dr. St. Surin-Lord has extensive training and is dedicated to helping all of her patients feel their best. This has led her to develop a skin care regimen precisely targeted to treat the thicker skin typical of the male face. Additionally, she has equipped our center with laser devices that can diminish or completely eliminate hair in an area, doing away with razor bumps for good. If you already have keloids, have no fear. We have lasers to treat keloid scars as well.

How laser hair removal can solve the problem of razor bumps

Laser hair removal uses thermal energy to destroy hair that is in the follicles at the time of treatment. The light from our laser device is absorbed into the pigment of hair. This energy transforms to heat, which affects the walls of the hair follicle, as well. Shortly after the first treatment, hair in the follicle will fall out. Because dormant hair remains beneath the skin, a series of treatments is needed to achieve lasting change. Most people achieve the desired results in six to twelve appointments, scheduled weeks apart.

Because razor bumps are the direct result of the common methods of hair removal, laser treatment is a logical remedy for this frustrating problem. In addition to alleviating discomfort and cosmetic concerns, laser hair removal eliminates the constant task of shaving.

Enjoy the smooth skin you were meant to have. Call 301.965.0511 for skin care and hair removal designed around your needs.

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