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Manscaping Washington DC

According to Men’s Fitness Magazine, more men are paying attention to how they look. “Manscaping,” once perceived as somewhat effeminate, is now the norm. Men are realizing that not only do women appreciate successful grooming habits, but that men themselves feel much better when they develop workable strategies to manage issues such as unwanted hair.

Gillette, a leading manufacturer of grooming products, offers tutorials on how to shave everything from the head to the back, and most areas in between. While this may be advantageous to the Gillette company, it may present specific problems for the man who wants to feel cleaner, sexier, and more comfortable.

Manscaping is about creating all of these things and more, which means there is not much room for trial and error. Shaving was fine when you were a teenager; but most men find that shaving can lead to other problems, like razor bumps and chafing, and depending on the area you want to be hair-free, discomfort can be intolerable.

Sit back and let us do the work

Whether it is the brows only, the face, chest, or other parts of the body you want to groom, the team at Visage Dermatology and Aesthetic Center can help. Laser hair removal is a convenient, comfortable method of permanent hair reduction. Treatment time ranges from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how big the treatment area is. We even use numbing cream to create a relaxing experience.

How laser hair removal works

Laser hair removal treats a large number of hair follicles at one time. The laser light that we pass over the skin sends thermal energy directly into follicles. Here, the pigment in hair picks up the energy and transforms it to heat. As a result, the hair vaporizes, and the walls of the treated follicles are affected in such a way that further hair production is stopped. Because the hair growth cycle involves a dormant phase, it is necessary to schedule several treatments to see this cycle through. At the end of a treatment plan, hair growth will be significantly decreased. If a few rogue hairs grow back here and there, a periodic touch-up treatment can be arranged.

Manscaping is the new norm, but it doesn’t have to eat up your valuable time. Schedule your consultation for laser hair removal in our Largo, MD office at 301.965.0511.

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