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For those looking for an easy way to lose fat fast, CoolSculpting® is a natural and non-intrusive way to help reduce fat in those stubborn areas. With freezing technology, CoolSculpting® targets areas of your body and freezes the fat of—leaving a leaner, slimmer you. Difficult love handles and tummy rolls are a thing of the past, and now, with CoolSculpting®’s Cool Mini applicator, you can begin to target smaller areas. Thanks to the Cool Mini, you can officially say “goodbye” to your double chin as the fat freezes.

Reasons why you should consider the Cool Mini when fighting chin fat include:

  • CoolSculpting® procedures are completely safe and FDA Cleared
  • It requires no needles, no cutting, and no surgery
  • Results can be seen as soon as a couple of weeks
  • Sessions only take an hour
  • It’s painless and there’s no need for anesthesia

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CoolSculpting® and Cool Mini shape your body and eliminate fat cells with cooling technology. By freezing the fat cells, the body can naturally eliminate them. Chin fat can make you look much older and overweight than you actually are. After just one hour-long session with the Cool Mini, you can begin fighting your double chin. In weeks, you can shave off years on your age and look like a younger, more confident you!


Don’t wait to get the body you want. At Visage Dermatology and Aesthetic Center, our team of experts can explain the process to you so you feel confident when you begin. CoolSculpting® has become the #1 choice of non-intrusive procedures for people that want to lose weight quickly. You can be one of the many people looking good and feeling good!

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